Best CFD Brokers 2020 -

Best broker for CFD trading?

Trying to get a yacht in the uk
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Best broker for trading stock CFDs?

Been using OANDA for Forex and it's pretty good, but there aren't that many instruments. Anyone know a place which offers stock CFDs, is easy to use, has low minimum deposits and that you've withdrawn from before? I'm especially worried about brokers going stop hunting, lacking transparency and making shoddy excuses like daytrading, lack of verification etc for not returning one's money when one withdraws. Thanks in advance
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The best broker for trading CFDs / Futures with small contract sizes?

I'm not really rich but I'm pretty confident with my technical analysis. Tried with demo accounts and I found I could double my money in a month.
I took a look at some UK Brokers and found they had big contract sizes.
I can only deposit about $1000 to $5000. The smaller the deposit, the better for me.
I'm currenty studying in Australia and I'm not an Australian citizen. (Does citizenship matter?)
I'm particularly interested in gold. I have no idea if choosing commodities even matters for short term technical trading.
Anyone? Thanks!
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How to Choose Best Forex CFD Trading Broker for 2018

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Best Cfd Broker UK | Bitcoin Trading Sites
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Best Cfd Broker UK | Bitcoin Trading Sites

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Whether to use a stocks and shares ISA (UK)

Very rookie question but wasn't sure where else to look. I hope I'm not breaking rule 2, but if so I apologise.
I'm 19 and have some money to spare, about 500-600GBP. I've been keeping an eye on markets for a while now, discussing with friends, family, uni colleagues, doing research in my free time, paper trades etc and have decided that I want to get into the investing world. As you can see, I don't have much, but thought that there's no better way to learn more than to get involved myself without risking too much.
I'm in the UK and have found looking for a broker rather difficult. I've found brokers that have wide range of assets available that I'm interested in but higher commission (especially relative to the amount I've got to invest) and then vice versa. Right now I've settled on opening an account on trading212 as it's "commission free" trading, has a broad base of stocks/ETFs and even CFDs on assets (thought I don't see myself using them much, if at all), UI that I find works for me, fractional shares and will soon have an autoinvest portfolio management feature. (Im still open to other feedback and suggestions from own experience). While I recognise that I'll be susceptible to a perhaps larger spread and nothing is truly free, this does seem my best option so far. This is where my issue arises however.
The stocks and shares ISA will mean that capital gains will not be taxed. However right now I have no income as I'm currently a full time student that is very thankfully supported by my family. Therefore I won't be susceptible to capital gains tax as I will most definitely not be exceeding the capital gains tax free allowance of £12,300 in the UK. Either way I won't be taxed for gains on stock investment (more on that in a second). Additionally, trading212 has no fees on an ISA, another attractive quality.
But, if I want to start investing and, taking a long term view, hope to continue to contribute up to this limit in the future amongst various ISAs, stocks and shares being one of them, is it good to start a stocks and shares ISA now so that I don't need to liquidate assets and purchase again in an ISA (as the broker I'm looking into using doesn't have switching between investment account and ISA).
Is there any downside to me starting the stocks and shares ISA now? Is there any reason not to? I do not have any other ISAs open, only savings in a bank account, albeit not much.
Also, although I'd have an account free from capital gains tax, would I still be subject to capital gains tax in the US on US stocks and ETFs? I'd assume so? I've read that investing through an ISA would reduce the rate but I haven't found much of a clear answer.
Open to any and all feedback. Again, apologies for the rookie questions.
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With Bitcoin Suddenly Surging, Canaan Stock Is Also Going Up Today

With Bitcoin Suddenly Surging, Canaan Stock Is Also Going Up Today

By signing up, you may receive emails concerning CoinDesk products and you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policSTER ON THE SITE
We need all users to enroll on our platform to access the Bitcoin Trader platform. The sign up method is easy and solely takes a couple of minutes. You'll be able to forever contact our customer service team if you wish helpour Bitcoin Trader account for our trading robot to position trades on your behalf. We tend to need all users to possess a minimum of $250 in their account before accessing our web trader platform. This quantity is enough to require positions price lots of thousands of dollars when using leverage.
You do not would like any expertise to trade with the Bitcoin Trader app. We tend to are ninety nine.99percent automatic, that means that live trading involves terribly little manual input. Moreover, we tend to offer comprehensive guides and tutorials to help users set up a live trading account.
ognized by the US Trading Association as the foremost profitable crypto robot in 20twenty. Whereas results rely on market conditions, a number of our traders have seen profits of more than four
What is the minimum deposit withBitcoin freedom
You'll be able to trade with us by depositing just $250. The additional you deposit, the more earning potential you have in a very single day. However, we have a tendency to encourage our users to begi
We have a tendency to are tested and verified by prime trading review sites. Our trading platform is cutting-edge. Moreover, we have a tendency to operate in collaboration with highly reputable brokers. We have a tendency to work absolutely transparently and publish all the data that users need to get started with our trading robot
The Bitcoin Trader trading platform is internet-based mostly and accessible through all major browsers on desktop and mobile. You can also install an HTML5 version of our net-trader on any mobile device. We tend to are coming up with to release native apps for Android and iOS by the top of the year.
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Are there hidden fees with Bitcoin Trader?
Our fees are fully transparent. You can download a listing of trading fees from the platform’s management dashboard. We have a tendency to only charge a little commission on profits earned through our trading robot
We have a tendency to settle for registrations from over a hundred thirty countries across the world. Most of our purchasers are from the UK, the US, some elements of Africa, and Asia. We have a tendency to are on the market in your country if you can access our Bitcoin Trader website while not employing a VPN.

We aim to assist normal people reap important returns from cryptocurrency trading. With us, you get exposure to over forty five Bitcoin contracts for variations (CFDs). Common crypto pairs you'll trade with us embrace BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, BTC/EUR, and BTC/XRP.

1) Register: Registering with the Bitcoin Trader app is straightforward. Scroll to the high of this page and submit the specified details through the registration kind.

We require users to verify your phone range and email, since this is often what you'll use for multi-factor authentication. Yet, our partner brokers verify the identity of all users per regulators’ understand your customer (KYC) requirements.

a pair of) eposit: You wish to deposit a minimum of $250 US to trade with the Bitcoin Trader software. We tend to depend on our partner brokers to facilitate transactions, and all of our partners are absolutely regulated by government authorities. With regulated brokers, you'll rest simple knowing that your funds are safe.
You'll fund your account through wire transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, FasaPay, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, WebMoney, and Skrill.

three) Trading Education and Demo: We have a tendency to are an auto-trading robot, however we have a tendency to do enable our users some level of management, especially when it comes to risk management. Consequently, our Bitcoin Trader official website encourages you to travel through our trading education section to familiarize yourself with the chance management process.
Our highly intuitive demo platform ought to additionally facilitate your observe trading with the robot before you begin trading during a live account Bitcoin Freedom

The platform needs that you just define the trading conditions for the robot and activate the live trading session button. We have a tendency to encourage you to depart the robot running throughout the day within the background. You'll be able to let it run unmonitored for up to eight hour
We tend to have recently been nominated as the most profitable robot for BTC trading in 20twenty. Moreover, we are one of the trading robots that has been extensively covered by mainstream media. Bitcoin Trader has thousands of reviews on client feedback platforms
Bitcoin Trader was one amongst the primary robots to use high-frequency trading techniques to BTC trading. The robot was founded in 2015, nearly two years before the crypto boom in 2017.
Bitcoin Trader uses AI and ML to create sense of big knowledge, which allows it to trade with high accuracy.
Our trading platform became an on-line sensation in mid-2017, and it has maintained its popularity since then. Bitcoin Trader is the simplest possibility for many beginner and experienced traders.
Bitcoin Trader allows you to earn a daily profit of up to $1,00zero by investing simply $250. That’s a potential return on investment of up to four hundredpercent.
Do celebrities recommend the Bitcoin trader software?
We tend to are highly widespread and hence a prime target for celebrity gossip. There are viral rumours that we have a tendency to have been endorsed by Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk – The founder of SpaceX has invested in Bitcoin and expressed interest in artificial intelligence, however he has not invested employing a trading robot.
Richard Brandson – Branson is another celebrity alleged to own invested using Bitcoin Trader. While it's true that he loves Bitcoin and blockchain technology, he hasn’t endorsed any trading robot.
Jezz Bezos – Bezos is also a big fan of emerging technologies, however he hasn’t shown any interest in BTC trading through revolutionary robots like Bitcoin Trader.

You ought to never build an investment decision based mostly on whether or not a star has endorsed or invested in it. Bitcoin Trader has been tested and licensed by specialists.

The verdict about Bitcoin Trader
We tend to are a prime-rated crypto trading robot with nice reviews on sites like TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. Moreover, we have been recognized as legit and profitable by authoritative bodies like the US Trading Association.

We have a tendency to are always striving to offer the most effective to our users by regularly improving our trading platform. Our team of experts analyzes feedback from users to work out what features will create a a lot of seamless trading experience. We tend to operate in complete transparency, having partnered with some of the world’s most reputable brokers.

Our platforms are encrypted to shield you from hackers. Furthermore, we tend to also adhere to information privacy measures, like the General Information Protection Regulation (GDPR). Try out Bitcoin Trader currently through the link at the high right corner of this page.
perior over different cryptocurrencies?
PRESS RELEASEWhy is Bitcoin superior over different cryptocurrencies?Akshay KSPublished a pair of weeks agoon August 12, 2020By Akshay KS
Source: Pixabay
During this technical world, bitcoin is the foremost used digital currency all over the world. However the main question then arises within the minds of the many folks is why bitcoin is considered the foremost superior over other cryptocurrenc Bitcoin Freedom
Bitcoin is that the one method of creating transactions daily as alternative currencies. But it's its options and uniqueness that make it superior. Bitcoin and different currencies are based mostly on the cryptographic algorithms or mathematics that are encrypted, with that the user becomes the owner of the currency. Bitcoin currencies are easily accessible at Bitcoin ATM and online exchange
The main feature of the bitcoin, which makes it superior is that it is the safest option for digital transactions. These will be used for on-line searching and transfer of money too.
There are many alternative blessings to using bitcoin. A number of them are mentioned below
Decentralized and digital
Bitcoin offers the freedom of exchanging the price without representatives that proves helpful in controlling the lower fees and high funds. Bitcoin is that the faster method of transaction than others. It is secure as it is free from theft and frauds and is constant. The main advantage is that bitcoin has its homeowners whereas the bank controls the money.
Makes online looking
Normally, bitcoin will be used for on-line shopping too. Bitcoin is the opposite face of e-wallet, that is created by blockchain technology that is used to store money and will easily pay everywhere digitally. For this reason, it also makes your searching easy by which you'll be able to look from your home solely

Bitcoin is accepted globally at each corner of the planet, which makes it less volatile than local currencies or cash. This feature makes it superior because it enables us to form transactions on-line and across the boundaries
Bitcoin unable the means of tracking cash
Bitcoin is created by blockchain technology. Blockchain is the sole technology which will either make it or break it. There are many computers which are used to keep up a permanent record of each bitcoin transactions with the help of cryptographic technique. In this approach, it becomes a lot of valuable together with the tracking of the payment. At the same time, there's no method of tracking the cash

While not any transformation method, it will be used over the entire world. It provides the simplest platform for the investment as it is free from the restrictions of governments or banks. It provides an open market and combines the simplest of gold and money.

Bitcoin provides the power to access the balance of the users with a password which is named a personal key. It additionally permits the exchange of values through the web without any middle person. Thus, bitcoin becomes safer, stuffed with privacy, and open to everyone
Unlike cash, it is not possible to form the duplicate quite bitcoin that makes it more efficient. It's protected with the technology of blockchain. Even if anyone tries to form a replica of bitcoin to use it, then the system will automatically reject it as the system recognize it as unknown

Bitcoin Freedom failed to allow two persons to transact on the one price. Once the bitcoin is transferred, its possession is also transferred. So this is the simple approach of maintaining records for any tax functions. It conjointly makes it a easy and healthier metho

Bitcoin is the foremost reliable manner of online transactions. Many questions arise in folks’s minds that are solved on websites like bitcoin revolution. One in all them was the above-mentioned question. Bitcoin provides many facilities, and it comes with more and a lot of blessings which makes it distinctive and special over different cryptocurrencies. It can be preferred as the simplest digital platform for transac

Disclaimer: AMBCrypto US and UK Market's content is informational in nature and is not meant to be investment advice. Buying, trading or selling crypto-currencies ought to be considered a high-risk investment and every reader is advised to do their due diligence before making any decisions.
People, businesses, and developers: get the support you would like with our straightforward

Browse the FAQ'sn news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the very best journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

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With the Bitcoin Trader software, you can probably build up to $one,500 daily from a deposit of $250. We tend to are powered by artificial intelligence technology to confirm that you just get a win rate of more than 98p.c under the right market conditions. The US Trading Association has nominated our Bitcoin Trader as the most profitable crypto trading robot on the market.
We have invested in the globe’s best trading technologies. These include the factitious intelligence subsets of natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning. Bitcin Trader depends on these technologies to derive insights from huge data and market news.
The Bitcoin Trader app has won nearly fifteen coveted awards since launching in 2016. These include the most Profitable Robot 2020 award by the American Trading Association, the simplest Robot in Trading Technologies 2019 award, and the most Profitable Crypto Robot in 2018 Award. We have a tendency to price our customers and are contin
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Is there an online broker with fully automatic monthly investments to ETF for an EU client with an EU domicile? (e.g. like ETF saving plan)

This is a followup up to the older post:
Is there an online broker with fully automatic monthly investments to ETF for an EU client with an EU domicile? (e.g. like ETF saving plan)
By automatic investment I mean every month a fixed amount of euros would be sent from my SEPA bank account (by a standing order) to my brokerage account. This money would be than automatically invested in the one ETF which I select (for example Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF Accumulating ISIN IE00BK5BQT80 )
So far as the best option what I found is:
Trading212 with their Autoinvest feature
As far as I read the internet, there are no fees or higher spreads for "investment" type of account. They make money from their CFD clients and to get CFD clients they are using zero commision trading as promotion.
Scalable Capital with their FREE BROKER
0.99€ per trade, so for my case 12 months/trades would be 11.88€ in total per year.
Please do you know about some better options?
Or do you have experience with Trading212 or Scalable Capital?

List of brokers which checked so far:
Candidates for the final selection:
Does not allow to open the account remotely:
High fees:
Does not provide automatic investments / ETF savings plans:
Does not allow to open account of a non-resident of the country:
No reply from their customer support:
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Question before getting into degiro

In reviews about degiro I've seen: "The lack of markets and investment types, does mean however, it is better suited to ‘buy and hold’ investors, rather than active day traders."
I also heard some people say that degiro "might not be ideal for daytraders".
What does this mean in particular? Is the first sentence refering to that you can't trade CFD's and forex? What do "markets" and "investment types" mean in that context?
I guess my baseline question would be: Can I just trade options during the day, and take advantage of degiro's relatively low transaction fees, while also holding some stocks/etfs on the side for a bit longer? Or is there a caveat/catch to it (and is this not the best broker for a dutch beginner, like myself)?
Because from everything I've researched degiro looks like a damn good option, but these reviews are giving me some doubts.
Thanks a lot for reading
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Plus500 (LON:PLUS) – a good hedge against the return of volatility

As volatility is set to return to the market, Plus500, with a current beta of -0.33, could be a logically-sound hedge against board market risk whilst adding capital gain potential as well as diversification benefit to the total portfolio, as it has already shown over the past few months.
Why (and What is) Plus500
The first time I came across with Plus500 (LON:PLUS) was during a UEFA Champions League game (European soccer competition) between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona that I watched a few years ago where they were (and still are) the jersey sponsor for Atletico Madrid (a top Spanish soccer club for anyone who doesn’t follow soccer). From their brand name it was hard for me me to figure out what Plus500 does, which I later found out that not only they are a one of the largest online trading platforms in Europe for CFD, spread betting and other financial assets (including cryptocurrency), but also a listed company on London Stock Exchange. And then it all made sense to me why Plus500 would choose to advertise their services through a soccer club: there are many commonalities between both soccer fields and financial markets: the ever-changing situations, the fast pace dynamics, and large volume of boisterous spectators that are ever-present.

Plus500 is an international financial firm providing online trading services in contracts for difference (CFDs), across more than 2,000 securities and multiple asset classes.
Heightened market volatility (again) could further boosted Plus500's growth
Ever-changing situations, fast-paced dynamics and large volume of boisterous spectators are indeed what characterised the global financial markets in the first half of 2020. Following the surprising V-shaped recovery from the market bottom in late March, Stocks retreated over the past few weeks as the global markets are gearing up toward another period of heightened volatility. The VIX index had a noticeable pick up over recent weeks (see charts below) as more and more confirmed COVID-19 cased were being reported following the ease of the lockdowns as well as recent protests both in the US and aboard. In addition to a looming second wave of COVID-19, there are several other potential risk factors, such as Trade conflicts between US and Europe and the upcoming Presidential election, which could significantly influence investor’s confidence over the stock markets and stimulate more tug of wars between the bulls and the bears of the markets on a day-to-day basis.

VIX index - Risk is gradually returning
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
Uncertainty triggers volatility, and Plus500 is certainly one of the a few companies that make money from this directly. The stock has performed very strongly this year (+52% YTD) relative to the board UK stock market (FTSE down by 18.3% YTD) thanks to the record level of trading activities by its customers. It also added more than 82,000 and 100,000 new customers in Q1 and Q2 respectively which exceeded their expectations for both quarters.

Plus500 stock price since 2018
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
There are other reasons to stay optimistic about the stocks: Plus500’s business operation is reasonably well diversified in terms of geographical location (see chart below). It’s also fairly cash rich for company of its size. Plus500 has a negative net debt of over $287 million in the current financial year and a projected free cash flow yield of 31.6% in 2021, which means they are unlikely to face any potentially significant liquidity concerns which often can cause businesses to go bankrupt (such as the position Wirecard find themselves in this week). Furthermore, Plus500’s shareholder returns policy is to return at least 60% of net profits to shareholders, through a combination of dividends and share buybacks, with at least 50% of this distribution being made by way of dividends. Its current dividend yield of 4% p.a. will be particularly appealing to incoming seeking investors.
Source: Refinitiv Eikon

Plus500 stock profile
Source: Genuine Impact
Another Wirecard situation?
Ultimately the stock’s future price momentum will dependent upon the sustainability of the market volatility as well as uncertainties in regulatory landscapes. As showed in the chart earlier Plus500’s business operation spreads over several jurisdictions and they are authorised and regulated by the market regulators in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore and Israel, which means that any change and update in regulatory framework concerning CFDs or other financial instruments will likely to significantly affect Plus500’s business operation and influence market expectations on their future revenue and growth. Rewinding the clock to February 2019 its stock price more than halved over a two-week period, when the Australian market regulator announced restrictions in CFD trading rules which adversely affected Plus500’s profitability. Similar regulatory uncertainties in the future could easily cause its stock profit to slump. It’s also worth noting that Plus500 also had its fair share of accounting controversy in the past. One incident was that in its 2017 Annual Report, Plus500 announced that they did not generate net revenues or losses from market P&L in 2017. However in February 2019 the company issued a contradictory report stating that it had incurred a $103 million loss from client trading activity in the 2017 financial year, causing investors to cast doubts over the credibility of their published financials and their stock prices to plummet. Investors and regulators are likely to be more sensitive and aggressive than ever toward these kind of accounting irregularities for any public company after the Wirecard case.

Analysts upgraded their 2021 and 2022 revenue projections
Source: Refinitiv Eikon
Agree to disagree
The market seems to hold a slip view on the stock. As a matter of fact the four broker analysts that provide research coverage on Plus500 cannot have a less divided opinion on its outlook which is reflected in the ratings they give out (one strong buy, one hold, one sell and one strong sell) and range of target prices they’ve set (£6.65 - £21.38, current price at £13.01). However, over the past few months there appears to be a consensus amongst these analysts on the stock’s future growth momentum as they all lifted their 2021 and 2022 revenue projection for Plus500 (see chart above), thanks to the increasing trading volume and customer growth over the past few months. Their average revenue projections for 2021 was $365 million back in March 2020, and has now been lifted to $574 million for the same period, representing a 57% increase (roughly in line with the stock's YTD performance).
This upward momentum is likely to continue if volatility resumes in the coming weeks. Like their competitors in the sector, Plus500’s financial performance this year will be dependent, among other things, on the global financial market conditions providing sufficient trading opportunities for customers.
Thanks for reading my post and I appreciate any feedback and comments! Stay safe and all the best with your investments.
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Market down, posts relating to T212 up.

Regular's may have noticed that Trading 212 is heavily promoted here, more so when markets are down... so I browsed through some of their filings. It turns out this spike is explained for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, marketing is almost entirely "restricted to online channels". In fact, "no rebates are paid to 3rd parties for client acquisition". The company describes these activities as "costly". But effective for attracting a "retail only" CFD clientele.
Secondly, for T212 they describe that "volatility is the single biggest driver of client acquisition". So whatever advertising works for them, they're going to be doing more of it as volatility spikes. We know volatility spikes hardest when markets drop fastest... Helps rationalise the increase in posts that promote T212 by young reddit accounts.
Is T212 Good?
I'm not a customer, I can't comment from that perspective. But for the owners, hell yeah! 2018 income was just shy of 29mm on 56mm of revenue (which at the time was all derived from CFD business). This allowed the the two main shareholders to enjoy most of the 12mm in dividends paid that year. Not bad for a company of about 200 employees and 50,000 customers!
How is it so profitable?
Well their core business was historically offering only CFD trading to retail-only (not institutional) client base. CFD as a product started getting more regulated a couple years ago (retail vs pro customer distinction). Long story short, T212 longer term are trying to build a robinhood / freetrade
[if anyone interested they're acting as an internaliser via bulgarian entity, although i couldn't figure out why this is a good way of offsetting any meaningful cost of running zero-fee sharedealing as i didnt imagine the volume would be sufficient, could be wrong].
The advantage they have is they still have this CFD cash-cow that benefits when they attract sharedealing clients, some of whom will no doubt dabble, winning (or probably losing) money on CFDs.
CFD business model
The CFD business model is pretty simple. You offer a spread on a product, when you're big you can net-off client longs against shorts, and then you take an equal and opposite position of what exposure is leftover with your counter-party... fully hedged your left with (almost) zero risk but collected the spreads.
In the past T212 used to not only make money from the CFD spread but also from "client losses on unhedged positions". To what extent they ran unhedged isn't clear, but when "76% lose money" its a nice way of juicing your returns for a little extra risk.
More recently the T212 UK Ltd entity states in their reports they operate on a "matched principal basis", "fully hedging all client positions"... the matching broker is T212 Ltd (Bulgaria)... so its not clear whether any part of the Bulgarian entity's book is unhedged, although T212 topco states that revenue is derived from "profit from a tighter spread offered by their counterparties, than they offer to their clients".
Where's T212 Client money?
A few years ago (when it was a CFD only business) client money used to be held in Cyprus through the group subsidiary Trading 212 Cy Ltd.
The Cyprus entity is no longer owned by the T212 topco, that entity was disposed of around 2018 (For 822k didn't say to whom).
Back to the point, where's the money... well we can see from T212's CFD T&Cs that there are provisions stating "we may pass money held for, or received from, you to a third party".
And on their website they state that the "[Bulgarian] Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) is up to 90% (but limited to EUR 20 000) of the client’s funds".
The UK entity most recent report states that client funds are held with "top tier banks" but (for stockbroking only)".
Best guess then for CFD clients, their money is in a bank in Bulgaria, and covered by the Bulgarian ICF.
So Sharedealing client money is with "Top Tier banks" and its only CFD client money abroad?
Not sure, because T212's Sharedealing Terms of Business (clause 12 Client Money) have substantially the same provisions about allowing the passing of client money overseas!
They also make it clear that if that party is outside of the UK the "applicable legal and regulatory regime shall be different from that of the United Kingdom".
Making it clear that "your money may be treated differently to the position which would apply if your client money had remained in the United Kingdom."
Maybe T212 marketing team can jump in to clarify...
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Commission free European Broker for Stock Trading and Investing

Hello All,
Everyone around the world would be thinking of investing in Stocks in this pandemic situation but would be wondering which stock broker is best to invest currently.
I currently live in Europe, and was in the same position a couple of weeks before and was doing a lot of research on this topic, and finally came up with a handful of brokers. At last, had chosen Trading 212, an UK based Stock trading/Investing broker to give it a try.I have chosen Trading 212 based on few parameters as below.
1. Commission Free:
Trading 212 is completely commission free. Saying that, your next question would be, how are they making money then. They make money from other premium services and CFDs. Being a beginner, I just want to play around with minimum cash, and not willing to pay a lot of commission for buy/sell transactions at this point of time. And Trading 212 is the place to be if you are in the similar situation. It is totally commission free for trade, no fees to Deposit and Withdraw funds for basic account, and so you can play around the stock market without your money going to big fees.
2. Suitable for Beginners:
If you are a beginner and new to stock market, Trading 212 gives you a simple to use website. They also have a mobile App that gives you the comfort to invest, track and manage your Stock portfolio anytime, anywhere. They also provides you a free practice account with fake cash, where you can improve your skills and strategies, before switching to the real account.
3. Regulated Entity:
Trading 212 is headquartered in the UK and is FCA-regulated entity. Trading 212 UK Ltd. is registered in England and Wales, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA (Register number 609146). So they are trusted Stock brokers where you can invest and trade on Stocks and ETFs around Europe and US.
4. ETFs:
In case you are not ready for stocks yet, Trading 212 provides a wide range of ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds) around the world. So you can invest in a group of Stocks via ETFs of your convenience. It provides a diversification, and your investment will be safer that investing in direct stocks, as ETF investment is diversified across multiple stocks.
Its been two weeks since I started using the real account, and this is the first time ever I started investing in Stocks. With Trading 212, its so far, so good. It is simple to use and comfortable for a beginner like me.
If you are thinking of using Trading 212, create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!
Hope this will help people who are still unsure of where to start and which app to use to invest in stocks. I will post more in the future on my experiences with Trading 212, Stock investing and more!
Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!!!
Declaimer: The above is only my experience. Please do your research before choosing a trading app and start investing.
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Are there semi-professional brokers that accept European customers

So, I've been searching forever for brokers that:
a) Allow non-UK European accounts
b) Have a platform that's suited to frequent trades with small margins and somewhat complex strategies (e.g. low-to-no commission on a per-trade basis other than the exchange fee, rich APIs + support for more order type than just sell/buy)
c) Have a wide range of instruments available (e.g. allowing for margins on SL order and/or dealing in CFDs, providing options, futures and having those available for stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies and commodities traded on all major exchanges)
I'm sure these brokers exist for "real" customers that trade millions a day, in my case I have a sort of mid-volume strategy, where I trade e.g. ~20,000$ worht of volume each day (of course, depends on the day, could be between 0 and 50,000$ worth), so I don't have access to those kinds of brokers.
Up until now I've considered/tried:
Are there any other players on the market at the moment?
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Broker suggestion for noob

Hello guys, pls don't bash on me for being a noob, i know i don't know much that's why i'm only going to invest some disposable money and trade on paper otherwise. So, i'm from Romania (eastern europe) and i'm trying to find an Eu broker. After some reading on here, other websites and brokerchooser, i'm still uncertain. I want to buy one ETF such as VUSA or Ishares Core (i'll be careful not to buy CFDs) and keep it for a month, see how the market goes and basically add or substract money once a month untill the soon to be market crash that i'm forseeing (i know this is detabatable of course). So i think i got the basics of all the fees but i am confused with the currency conversion. From what i understand i should put in the brokerage the currency that my bank account uses (ron) and since VUSA is based on US shares i will have to convert it there in usd. Is this correct? 1. ETORO - it looks like they have high fees for currency exchange. 2. DEGIRO - doesn't work in my country sadly 3. SAXO - requires 10k to make an account in Romania. I get that it's not much for trading but atm i just want to try it out possibly/probably loosing the money. 4. IB - should ingo with this? Fees seem small. About conversion fees i still don't fully understand how bad/good it is. Innactivity fee of 10$ per month over 2k sounds good enough. 5. Tradestation and tastyworks - big withdrawl fees 6. Swissquote - big fee for US stocks SO is IB the best choice in the end? Is there smth i'm missing? 1$ trade fee for US stocks (this means 1$ for an entire trade no matter how many VUSA etfs i buy right?) 10$ inactivity fee, 1 free withdrawl per month. Other suggestions/tips on brokers and conversion fees? Besides me being stupid for inversting 2k in smth i don't fully understand.
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Business address:
806 Poplar Lane Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311
Business phone:
Long Description:
TradingGator is a trading review website where you can read about everything from how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal to which are the best forex brokers in Europe. Find the best MT4 broker, the best CFD brokers in Australia ++. We also guide you on how to open a trading account with different brokers.
Short Description:
TradingGator reviews trading-related topics such as the best brokers for Forex, CFD and Bitcoin trading. Opening a broker account? We'll guide you!
Trading Broker Reviews, Best Forex Broker, Best CFD Brokers, Best MT4 Broker, Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card,
Social Profiles:
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Forex Trading

We Are Well-controlled and Safe
Your Forex representative (Fx Broker) will hold your assets. Along these lines, it is significant you confirm it is protected. Forex Birds effectively goes around this worry as we are enlisted with and appropriately managed by the Europian Securities and Investments Commission. Subsequently, you can be certain that we will consistently guard you and your assets! forex india, forex representative india, forex dealer in india, fx merchant, about forex exchanging
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forex india, forex representative india, forex specialist in india, fx intermediary, fx dealer, about forex exchanging
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How to Trade cryptocurrency?

How to Trade cryptocurrency?
Curious to know about cryptocurrency trading? Have you ever wondered how to do cryptocurrency trading? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. This article illustrates the concept of cryptocurrency trading.
Cryptocurrencies can be sold and bought through exchanges. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that the demand for bitcoin certification is expanding day by day. The value of cryptocurrency is rising every day. The market sector of cryptocurrency is decentralized. Hence, there is no central authority like the government. The transactions of cryptocurrency are not managed by any financial institutions or banks. Cryptos operates across a network of systems.
What is Cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is an encrypted form of decentralized digital money that can be transferred between individuals. It doesn’t exist as a physical object. This currency exists only in digital form. The nature of cryptocurrencies is volatile. They are totally unstable currencies. Each and every cryptocurrency is identified and coded based on complicated digital algorithms. It is basically a digital coin designed to do virtual transactions. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is a digitally recorded register of data.
Top blockchain certifications in cryptocurrency will provide you deep insight into the cryptocurrency sector.
What is Cryptocurrency Trading?
Crypto training permits traders to buy cryptocurrency. The trading of crypto is the action of guessing on cryptocurrency cost movements through selling/buying coins or CFD trading accounts. CFD trading doesn’t take ownership of the coins. You need to put a small amount of deposit to gain exposure to the crypto market. You can sell or buy cryptocurrency through an exchange. A Certified Cryptocurrency Trader is a certified individual who understands the detailed working process of cryptocurrency trading.
Basic Tips For Cryptocurrency Trading
The market of cryptocurrency transforms very fast. Several new cryptocurrencies are born and others disappear. There are several different kinds of factors that push the cost of cryptocurrencies down or up. You should definitely consider the following points before you start trading Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
Let’s discuss some of the basic tips for trading cryptocurrency
· The first and basic rule for cryptocurrency trading is to sell high and buy low
· The first thing you should keep in mind while doing crypto trading is that the cost is exceptionally volatile
· The two important factors to be examined before crypto tradings are fundamental analysis and technical analysis
· The fundamental analysis considers the vulnerability of the crypto market sector
· The technical analysis consist of research for financial assets
· It is very crucial to follow news on digital currency. This will further help to select the best cryptocurrency
· Select your trading platform based on leverage available, currencies available, minimum investment and trading features
How To Get Started Trading Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7. The trading process of cryptocurrency is the same as that of fiat money except for the fact that there are Ethereum or Bitcoin instead of US dollars. Cryptocurrencies permit traders to modify their portfolio of investment. The price of cryptocurrency is analyzed by market supply, demand and sentiment.
Let’s discuss steps of how to get started crypto trading
  1. The first step is to select and research the selected platform for trading. You will require more time to learn the working process of the selected platform. Usually, the brokers provide their own trading platform
  2. The next step is to think about is this the right time to do trading? The sector of crypto moves high and low. You will have to do deep research before getting started for crypto trading. The first rule for cryptocurrency trading is to buy low and sell high
  3. The third step is to learn a trade. The best method to grasp how to trade is to actually do trade. Once you have explored all the concepts behind crypto trading then you will get in there. Just remember to set your limits first before purchasing some cryptocurrency
Final words
We hope that we provide you the answers you were looking for. The market of cryptocurrency is constantly increasing and provides several opportunities for traders. You should be very careful while doing cryptocurrency trading. Crypto trading is not a game. The real money is involved in crypto trading.
If you want to explore more about masters in cryptocurrencies traders, then you can check out the website of Blockchain Council.
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Trading 212 for day trading

Apologies for the somewhat novice ideology with this post. Hopefully will learn a thing or two from your responses!
Few questions:
Is trading 212 a good broker platform for day trading? I originally found it attractive as it doesn’t have transaction fees like other platforms such as HL.
Which trading 212 account would be best for day trading? Not really sure of the benefit of choosing the Invest account over the ISA account, as gains from the ISA account is tax free? Surely this is just more profit? Obviously there is the other option of CFD, although I’m not interested in leverage so I’ve presumed to just discount this option. Please let me know if I’ve not understood this correctly.
As a separate note, I’ve read quite a few posts on this sub reddit and there seems to be quite a negative perception on day trading. Can anyone offer their thoughts as to why?
Thanks in advance!
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Are there semi-professional brokers that accept European customers

So, I've been searching forever for brokers that:
a) Allow non-UK European accounts
b) Have a platform that's suited to frequent trades with small margins and somewhat complex strategies (e.g. low-to-no commission on a per-trade basis other than the exchange fee, rich APIs + support for more order type than just sell/buy)
c) Have a wide range of instruments available (e.g. allowing for margins on SL order and/or dealing in CFDs, providing options, futures and having those available for stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies and commodities traded on all major exchanges)
I'm sure these brokers exist for "real" customers that trade millions a day, in my case I have a sort of mid-volume strategy, where I trade e.g. ~20,000$ worht of volume each day (of course, depends on the day, could be between 0 and 50,000$ worth), so I don't have access to those kinds of brokers.
Up until now I've considered/tried:
Are there any other players on the market at the moment?
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Trading 212 scam?

I had bought CFDs at [email protected] with a 1/30 leverage in VIR technology, on may the 18th, when I wake up the next day I found out that my position was closed at 36.65, which is shown in the trading 212, however, any other trading entity does not support any of these drops, not even was pass through lows
Furthermore, after enquiring the support team of Trading 212 the following explanation was given to me:
Borislav V. (Trading 212)
19 May 2020, 16:09:54 EEST
Thank you for getting in touch with us.
I was able to review the case in-depth and it does appear that the loss was caused by the market opening with a gap, thus executing the order at the price of 36.65, which is the opening market price.
I would be glad if I was able to shed some light on the situation.
In case you would need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards Borislav V.
Customer Care Hero
Attachment(s) VIR GAP.png
where VIR GAP.png is the following link
They then try to explain the 2£ variation between their charts and the actual market price with the following email: Juan C. (Trading 212)
19 May 2020, 16:38:31 EEST
Good day Vasile,
Further to my colleague's email, I would like to stress that there can be a few reasons why prices differ from one broker to another. The most common is likely to be the different spread set by different brokers, and, as a result, the buy and sell prices will differ between them. Some brokers may have different price feeds to others so the speed at which their prices update may differ. Another reason could be that some brokers base their prices on different contracts of the same instrument, which can also cause variations in price.
I hope this information dispels any concerns you may have. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, check out our Help Centre or reach our team 24/7.
Kind Regards, Juan C. | Customer Care Hero
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The Ultimate Guide To Windsor Brokers - Forex - CFD ... Best CFD Brokers In Iraq 2020 (Beginners Guide) - FxBeginner.Net Top 5 CFD Broker im Vergleich 2019 📝Test & Erfahrungen für ... Best CFD Brokers In Guinea Bissau 2020 (Beginners Guide) - FxBeginner.Net BEST CFD BROKER  WHAT CFD BROKER TO USE FOR DAY TRADING? 100% REGULATED CFD brokers of 2020

Trading with CFDs became widely popular over the past decade. Keeping your eyes on important criteria like fees or the number of CFDs offered can help find the best CFD broker for you. When we selected the best CFD broker in 2020, we ranked brokers focusing on CFDs along close to 300 criteria. The terms of the agreement are that the broker will exchange the difference in the market price of a CFD’s underlying asset between the time of the opening and the closing of the contract and in order to do that you need to use a CFD trading platform. We have gathered here the best CFD trading platforms for you to choose from: List of the best CFD Broker 2020 – Trusted reviews. Due to the large choice of different offers on the internet, it is difficult to find a secure and reputable CFD Broker today who can offer the client good trading conditions. Especially international it is confusing through many comparison sites because they do not always recommend the best CFD provider. The CFD broker with the best reputation is definitely eToro. The broker is regulated by many of the most trusted regulatory agencies out there, such as CySEC, ASIC and the FCA. Each of our chosen best CFD brokers have undergone and passed our stringent CFD broker reviews with flying colours, based on what the trading brokers team consider to be amongst the most important considerations. These CFD brokers are under strict regulation from some of the most respectable online broker regulatory authorities and are well-established within the online brokerage industry

[index] [8] [125] [95] [140] [91] [266] [25] [143] [29] [134]

The Ultimate Guide To Windsor Brokers - Forex - CFD ...

Finding the best contract for difference (CFD) trading platforms as an Iraqi can be a difficult process. Most especially getting the best CFD brokers that accepts Iraqi traders and would let you ... These are the list of brokers that I used myself. Useful links: - CFD commission FREE broker - We've compared the top best CFD brokers that would let you as a Guinea-Bissauan trader, trade Global stock CFDs, Forex CFDs, Stock index CFDs, Commodity CFDs and Metals and energy CFDs. Loading... 📌Top 5 CFD Broker im Vergleich 2019 📝Test & Erfahrungen für Trader Jetzt vom CFD Trading Vergleich: Navigate To This Web-Site: - The Ultimate Guide To Windsor Brokers - Forex - CFD - Stocks You are better off checking out our list of ...